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We appreciate  for your interest in the Sparks Heritage Museum & Cultural Center. The Sparks Museum strives to make local and regional history interesting and accessible to visitors of all ages and abilities. The Museum continues to expand its educational programming and historical archive to better serve the community of Sparks, Nevada and preserve its history for generations to come. This is what you can make happen with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000 to our endowment fund, museum foundation or Last Chance Joe. Your contributions will make a considerable difference to the museum.

As of January 2019, our current funding priorities are:

1. Build and organize archival research library. The Museum is in the process of converting a portion of its front gallery into an archival research room with shelving for library materials and desks for the public to conduct research. Access to the library is free and volunteers continue to process books and materials to expand our offerings to the community.

2. Protect and preserve the Museum’s collection. The Museum houses and extensive collection of historical materials that need different methods of preservation to ensure their longevity. Archival storage supplies will protect the most fragile and precious artifacts housed at the museum.

 3. Last Chance Joe paint and restoration. We are making continued efforts to maintain Last Chance Joe’s restoration. There are areas of Last Chance Joe outside structure that will continued sealing to avoid deterioration. The condition that he was received in compared to his current state is much improved. It has been a process because of the extent of the work needed. He has been painted and presented in his glory. Additional funding will need to be secured to ensure the longevity of Last Chance Joe and his continued maintenance.

Sparks Museum & Cultural Center

Your donation will make the Sparks Museum more powerful and efficient in our work to preserve local history and educate the public.