Heritage of Sparks Plate

The Last Chance Joe License plate is a result of a process that started 8 years ago initiated by Dick Dreiling, a volunteer and board member who considered this option as a method to help with funds for the Sparks Heritage Museum. The application for consideration to Nevada DMV for a Heritage of Sparks license plate finally made it to the top of the list in early 2017. The Board of Trustees decided the design should feature Last Chance Joe, a historic icon of Sparks. The plate features the figure of Last Chance Joe in his original coloration.

The proceeds from the Heritage of Sparks plate will benefit the Sparks Heritage Foundation to ensure the longevity of the museum in the City of Sparks community. By end of year 2018, DMV will check to see if there are 1,000 plates in circulation. If not, sales of the plate will be discontinued, but plates already issued will still be available for renewal just as any other plate. The museum will receive $20 per plate issued per year.

The 32-foot-tall figure was built in 1957 with a structural steel internal frame, which was then covered in chicken wire and paper mache to build out the various features. It was then covered in a glass cloth called Celastic. The restoration processes the artist is using today is a high-impact, weatherproof shell material. Maintaining the iconic statue in vivid color will require repainting every 5 to 7 years.

The Sparks Heritage Foundation and Museum, Inc. was established on April 1, 1985 as an independent nonprofit 501(c)( 3). The organization’s mission is to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Sparks and the Truckee Meadows for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.

By acquiring the Heritage of Sparks Plate that features Last Chance Joe you are contributing to the longevity of the Sparks Heritage Museum and Foundation. We are happy to answer any question about the plates.   775-355-1144